JRS Grant Portfolio

GNT60298 Ptepar ecolocating Feature Photo

Wildlife Conservation Society – Neotropics Bat Call Database

“Neotropical Bat Recording”
$81,620 / 1/12/12 - 3/15/13

Background: During the early stages of the development of a JRS funded project, Enhancing Knowledge for Establishing Ecosystem Conservation Priorities in the Neotropics, there was discussion about developing a public access for bat call information. That project took many turns during the development and completion; however the creation of a public access source for bat calls of known…

REBIOMA Feature Photo

Wildlife Conservation Society – REBIOMA (2011)

“Madagacar Biodiversity Data Sharing”
$200,000 / 7/1/11 - 9/30/13

UPDATE: JRS awarded follow-up grant to continue the work of the project. Please click here to view.  Background: Madagascar is biodiversity data rich, but data access is poor. Biodiversity data are integral to conservation, monitoring, and protected area establishment, but only if data are available, sufficiently accurate, and provided in a manner that accounts for

REBIOMA Feature Photo

Wildlife Conservation Society – REBIOMA (2013)

“REBIOMA Madagascar Data Portal”
$120,000 / 12/15/13 - 12/15/15

REBIOMA is widely recognized as the project that is putting Madagascar’s biodiversity on the map. Working with Taxonomic Review Board (TRB) experts and other specialists, REBIOMA has assembled marine and terrestrial taxonomic lists, and built the infrastructure needed to discover, review, and publish high quality biodiversity data on the online data portal. Current data portal…

GNT60280 Featured Image San Diego Zoo

Zoological Society of San Diego (2012)

“Enhancing Access to Peruvian Plant Specimens through Herbarium Digitization”
$ 86,050 / 6/5/12 - 5/31/14

Background: Despite decades of plant collection activity in Peru and tens of thousands of resulting specimens, to this day there is no national program of herbarium digitization in the country. Peruvian herbaria are extremely disconnected from foreign herbaria that include Peruvian plant collections in existing online databases. This is a shame since many Peruvian herbaria have collections that are historically…


Zoological Society of San Diego (2014)

“Enhancing Access to Peruvian Plant Specimens through Herbarium Digitization”
$70,748 / 12/15/2014 - 12/31/2016

For information on the preceding phase of this grant, please click here. Background The Zoological Society of San Diego (ZSSD) manages the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research, a leader in endangered species research. International programs across the globe include conservation projects in Peru, which is a hotspot of floristic diversity. While decades of plant collections have produced

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African Conservation Centre

“Biodiversity Knowledgebase to Support Decision-making in Kenya ”
$359,600 / 1/1/2015 - 12/31/2016

Background: Kenya is home to rich as well as endangered biodiversity that is an important global and national treasure that underpins Kenya’s economy and sustainaiblity.  Data on Kenya’s biodiversity is not readily available to stakeholders. The African Conservation Centre US supports the African Conservation Centre (Kenya), a non profit made up of professionals from different disciplines, including conservation biology,