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Getting to Know JRS Trustee Aaron McNevin

Aaron McNevin has been a member of the JRS Biodiversity Board of Trustees since 2009. He is currently the Director of Aquaculture at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) where he began creating standards for responsible aquaculture in 2004, which in…

Happy Taxonomist Appreciation Day!

JRS is always happy to be on the leading edge, so we are excited to learn that March 19th is a brand new holiday, Taxonomist Appreciation Day!  Taxonomist Appreciation Day is the invention of Dr. Terry McGlynn, Associate Professor of Biology, California…

Meet Richard Kiome Bagine, JRS Trustee

JRS Trustee Dr. Richard Bagine has worked for over twenty-eight years to protect biodiversity and wildlife in Kenya and has served on the JRS board since 2008. He is currently a Chief Research Scientist for the National Museums of Kenya and has…

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