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Highlighting Data Based Communications for African Biodiversity

On World Biodiversity Day, JRS is proud to highlight the ongoing work of one of its longest-running and successful grant projects -- InfoNile, implemented by Water Journalists Africa since 2019, continues to organize impactful training events, sponsor public debates centered…

East African Cave Bat Surveys Begin

JRS is pleased to support a new grant with National Museums of Kenya : Illuminating Understudied Caves to Highlight Plant Pollination and Seed Dispersal Services by Bats.  Cave bats are keystone species that serve as seed dispersal and pollination agents…

Lake Tanganyika Featured in Global Media

The BBC recently interviewed JRS grantee, Lake Tanganyika Floating Health Clinic/ Water-Based Aid, Value, Engagement (LTFHC/WAVE) to highlight the unique research being done by the LTFHC team on this critical African lake ecosystem. Staff member Justin Kongolo Saliboko discussed the…

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