Next Gen Herpetologist- Chad Keates holds a helmeted terrapin that was found within one of the pans in the Khakea/Bray Transboundary Area, South Africa side

SADC Promotes Sustainable Regional Groundwater Management

With JRS support The Sustainable Groundwater Management in SADC Member States, Project Phase 2, successfully launched on April 21, 2022. The key components of this exciting new phase of the South African Development Community, Groundwater Management Institute (SADC-GMI) project are:

  • Capacity building for sustainable groundwater management
  • Knowledge development, dissemination, and advocacy
  • Building resilient livelihoods and inclusive groundwater management

SADC-GMI promotes sustainable groundwater management  and provide solutions  to groundwater challenges through creating an enabling policy, legal and regulatory environment, capacity development, advancing research, supporting groundwater infrastructure development, and enabling dialogue and accessibility of groundwater information in the SADC region.

Fannie Masina hard at work looking for macroinvertebrates in the ephemeral pans that characterize the Khakea/Bray Transboundary Aquifer Region.
The Wetland Ecology Lab is back in the Khakea/Bray Transboundary Aquifer Region. The field trip, that lasted five days, saw the team sampling the ephemeral pans of the region.