African Conference of Science Journalists 2022 Participants

Biodiversity at Top of the Agenda: the 5th African Conference of Science Journalists

The African Conference of Science Journalists met for their fifth annual gathering of communications experts, scientists and journalists on May 24-27.  The virtual conference organized by JRS grantees MESHA (Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture) in partnership with InfoNile included a robust schedule of talks and discussions on topics critical to the region including Biodiversity Conservation, Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment, and Health.


You can read Dr. Bernard Rono’s ACSJ full presentation, posted by InfoNile, on  NileWell.

The resources shared at the conference including the presentation above, have been made available on NileWell, an online community scientists created to connect journalists with scientists to promote science-based journalism in the Nile Basin.

Landing page of the NileWell platform

The NileWell platform is a collaboration between water and environmental scientists and journalists across borders and media platforms through trainings, mentorships, networking, science cafes and story grants.

To date, NileWell has fostered 170 connections amongst 138 journalists and 58 researchers and growing.

Check out the library of scientific reports already shared on the platform.