Web view of the online Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda (https://freshwaterbiodiversity.go.ug/)

Uganda National Fisheries Resources Research Institute (NaFIRRI) Publishes +50,000 Records in Freshwater Biodiversity Portal

JRS grantee NaFIRRI mobilized data sets from national sources to create biodiversity databases of fish, invertebrate, and algae via an open access platform Global Diversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda (https://freshwaterbiodiversity.go.ug/).

The Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda is now fully online. This freely accessible freshwater biodiversity database has faceted search features to browse and find fisheries data for Uganda, and visualize it using maps, graphs, and tables—whether users are specialists or non-specialists, e.g., policy makers, journalists, researchers, students, NGOs, or citizen scientists.

Web view of fishes of Uganda (https://freshwaterbiodiversity.go.ug/gallery/)

The Freshwater Biodiversity Portal for Uganda features live fish photos for over 100 fish species, together with identification guides, to assist researchers, students, tourists, or fish curators with correct identification in the field.

Dr. Vianny Natugonza (standing) facilitates a session with journalists from Water Journalists Africa/InfoNile on how to use the Freshwater Biodiversity for Uganda (FBPU) to report on threats to biodiversity.