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GBIF Surveys Data Holders and Data Users in Africa

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GBIF, has launched surveys for data holders and data users in Africa, Caribbean, and Pacific region countries to improve the application of biodiversity data to policy. This effort will support the GBIF-led Biodiversity Information for…

Why More Biologists Need to Teach in Africa

An blog post by David C. Blackburn of the California Academy of Science, "Why More Biologists Need to Teach in Africa" is featured in American Scientist. He shares reflections on his trip to Cameroon to co-teach a class in the Biodiversity Informatics Training…

New guide to biodiversity data capture software! Imagine that.

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation is considering a grant to publish a guide to biodiversity data capture software and would like your views on its utility.  By guide we mean an online and print resource with profiles of each app, comparative…

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