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Where We Work

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation has geographic focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in biodiversity, but has very limited capacity to conserve and manage it sustainably.

By focusing our resources geographically, we believe we can gather place-based knowledge and form partnerships that will significantly increase the effectiveness of our efforts.

In particular, local knowledge will allow us to identify the demand for information, build bridges across the data value chain, and develop the local capacity to lay the groundwork for creating a sustainable information system.

Over time, we will focus our Programs in Freshwater Biodiversity and Resources and Pollinator Resources and Services within a limited number of countries where we can build a critical mass of projects, partners, and individuals.

Our Program in Building Capacity and Partnerships for Biodiversity Capacity will be regional in nature. Considerations that influence our geographic scope and our grant awards include:



Environmental Factors

Environmental factors such as contiguous ecosystems, key biodiversity areas and threats to biodiversity.


Strategic Factors

Strategic factors such as major catchment basins, agricultural economy, size of protected areas, and levels of cyber infrastructure and scientific research.


Large Scale Impacts

Factors favoring large-scale impacts such as population size, geographic area, regional influence, size of economy, economic growth, security, and government effectiveness.



Factors that influence partnerships and sustainability such as flows of overseas development assistance, conservation investment, geographic priorities of donors, tourism value, and informatics partners.


Affordable Grant Outputs

Financial factors and the scale of affordable grant outputs such as number of experts per country, the cost of web portals and information systems, and the cost of travel.

Geographic Distribution of JRS Grant Awards

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Our Approach

The need to conserve biodiversity is urgent. At the same time, at JRS we recognize the complexity of the work and are committed to long-term investments. We invest in creating the skills, knowledge and tools, and developing the relationships that will help our grantee partners succeed. We view our grantees as partners and, as challenges and opportunities arise over the course of a project, we work together to adapt to new circumstances.


Open Data

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation believes that open access to biodiversity information and knowledge by all stakeholders is essential to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The Foundation is committed to the principle of free and open access to the results of its grant-funded projects for the benefit of biodiversity conservation, science and society.


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