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We take the long view

The need to conserve biodiversity is urgent. At the same time, at JRS we recognize the complexity of the work and are committed to long-term investments.


We invest in our Grantees, and we learn alongside them

We invest in creating the skills, knowledge and tools, and developing the relationships that will help our grantee partners succeed.  We view our grantees as partners and, as challenges and opportunities arise over the course of a project, we work together to adapt to new circumstances.


We believe open access to data and knowledge is essential

Sharing data and expertise are core to our mission. We invite you to read our Open Data Policy here.


We bear the risk

As an independent foundation, we are not subject to the political forces that often lead to short-term approaches. This allows us to invest in riskier projects which, although these carry a higher rate of failure, can lead to breakthrough results.

Where We Work

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation has geographic focus on sub-Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa is rich in biodiversity, but has very limited capacity to conserve and manage it sustainably. By focusing our resources geographically, we believe we can gather place-based knowledge and form partnerships that will significantly increase the effectiveness of our efforts.


Open Data

The JRS Biodiversity Foundation believes that open access to biodiversity information and knowledge by all stakeholders is essential to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. The Foundation is committed to the principle of free and open access to the results of its grant-funded projects for the benefit of biodiversity conservation, science and society.


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