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Freshwater resources in Africa are insecure in quantity and quality, and water resource development is a high priority for governments and international donors. Audiences for data and knowledge of freshwater biodiversity include the conservation sector to help in the protection of wetlands and influence policy decisions and investors in water infrastructure for hydropower and human use, who rely on biodiversity and fisheries information to reduce risk and plan development.

We seek projects in which there is a partnership between knowledge providers and users. The partnership must make a strong case that the resulting data and information services will improve human lives and have a positive impact on conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.

  • We are pursuing grantmaking initiatives to meet the need to monitor freshwater biodiversity in priority areas for resource conservation, and to increase data access for policy and investment decision making. Grants may focus on developing data systems and mobile technologies and filling knowledge gaps for conservation purposes, particularly as they apply to vital biodiversity areas.
  • Over time, we will work to strengthen informatics systems, accessibility, and use of freshwater biodiversity data for use by policy and investment decision-makers to achieve conservation goals.

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Freshwater Grants

Project Title


Amount / Months


University of Pretoria - Scarab Research Group
$197,568 / 24 Months
International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources
$252,000 / 33 Months
University of Cape Town
$215,900 / 48 Months
University of Botswana Okavango Research Institute
$111,600 / 30 Months
National Fisheries Resources Research Institute
$260,000 / 36 months

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