The snake collection holds comprehensive voucher specimens from Zimbabwe and other SADC countries including Zambia, Mozambique, and Botswana, making the collection a hub of information for the study of southern African herpetology.

Uncovering Reptile and Amphibian Species Data in Zimbabwe

JRS is thrilled to announce an 18-month grant to support the digitization of reptile and amphibian species data from the collections at The Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe in a collaboration with The Dambari Wildlife Trust.  Notably, the collection contributes to the mapping of the herpetological diversity in two of the least explored areas in Zimbabwe (Nottingham Estate and Border Ridge Estate). In addition to the digitization of the 25,000 + specimens, the grantees plan to publish a field guide, and train local students in herpetology taxonomy, field methods as well as the Natural History Museum’s curatorial practices and data digitization. The digitized occurrence data will also be made accessible on GBIF, expanding access to the Zimbabwe herpetofauna data to researchers globally.

The Lizard and Tortoise collection covers SADC countries. This collection holds different taxa, of which new species are still being discovered. The collection comprises of wet collection, osteological and tanned specimens especially of some large lizards (Monitors). The collection is accompanied by meristic data for each specimen.

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