Mountain Zebra National Park, South Africa

South African National Parks Staffs New Biodiversity Data Management System

JRS support will fund critical new positions in South African National Parks (SANParks) for the development of a fully functional Biodiversity Information Management System serving the stunning array of wildlife in parks and reserves managed by SANParks staff.  In early November, SANParks announced that JRS will help them achieve a staffing milestone with the addition of five new contract staff positions: Bioinformatics & Science Manager, Biodiversity Information Scientist, Knowledge Collation Scientist: Estuarine & Freshwater Systems, Knowledge Collation Scientist: Pollinators & Invertebrates, and Visual Data Scientist.

Five new contract positions are being funded by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation as part of an exciting new project to enhance biodiversity data management, including data collation, data cleaning and data sharing. These positions will contribute towards achieving the overall goal of this project, which is to make useful biodiversity data available to improve conservation decision making.

Read more about this exciting new project and detailed explanations of each staff position on the Our Stories page on the SANParks website.