JRS 2022 Biodiversity Support for New Geographies in sub-Saharan Africa

JRS’ 2022 Call for Proposals invited submission of concept notes for project funding in sub-Saharan Africa focusing on themes of freshwater biodiversity, pollinator diversity, African 30-by-30 goals, and African Representation in the post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework process.  We are pleased to share that the approved grants include total commitments of over four million dollars with nearly half of this funding going to geographies in Africa that are new for the Foundation.

These grants include:

Cameroon/Chad: IUCN Databases for the Management of Aquatic Ecosystems in the Chari-Logone sub-Basin

Central African Republic: Wildlife Conservation Society Freshwater Biodiversity Data Collection System (FBDC) for Conservation of the Northeast Protected Area Complex (NPAC)

Republic of Congo: Tulane University Seventh International Conference of the Pan-African Fish and Fisheries Association (PAFFA)

Ethiopia: Hawassa University Insect Pollinator Diversity in Kafa Biosphere Reserve and Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia

Guinea: Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew Enhancing Data Access to Transform Guinea’s Capacity to Identify and Protect Threatened Plant Species

Namibia:  University of Namibia Establishing Capacity for the National Spatial Biodiversity Data Products: Guiding Progress for post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework Goals and Targets and Namibian Chamber of Environment Information on Namibian Near-Endemic Plants

Senegal: University of Dakar Biodiversity Survey Training

Seychelles: Gaea Seychelles Developing a freshwater biodiversity information system for conservation and management in the Seychelles’

Zambia: Frankfurt Zoological Society Ecological Monitoring in the Nsumbu-Mweru Ecosystem of Zambia Conserve Global Advancing Research for Conservation in North Zambia Game Management Areas / Tondwa

Zimbabwe: Dambari Trust/Natural History Museum of Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Herpetofauna Data: Mobilization of Data for Mapping

Read more about JRS grants here.