Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference delegates gather at the University of Copenhagen in July 2012.

GBIF Issues the Global Biodiversity Information Outlook (GBIO), a new framework to deliver biodiversity knowledge

The framework arose from the Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference, sponsored in part by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation, which gathered around 100 experts in Copenhagen in July, 2012, to identify critical questions relating to biodiversity and tools needed answer them. Workshop leaders at that conference went on to draw up and author the GBIO document.  According to GBIF, The Global Biodiversity Informatics Outlook sets out a framework to harness the immense power of information technology and an open data culture to gather unprecedented evidence about biodiversity and to inform better decisions.  The framework is outlined in a document and website entitled Delivering Biodiversity Knowledge in the Information Age, inviting policy makers, funders, researchers, informatics specialists, data holders and others to unite around four key focus areas where progress is needed (culture, data, evidence, and understanding).  Please visit GBIF and the JRS grant profile Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF): 2012 Biodiversity Informatics Conference for more information and to download the GBIO report.