Catalogue of the Plants and Lichens of Colombia Launched!

On April 15th, 2015, Universidad Nacional de Colombia and its partners launched the most comprehensive checklist ever documented of the plants that occur in the country. The Catalogue of the Plants and Lichens of Colombia, edited by Rodrigo Bernal, S. Robbert Gradstein and Marcela Celis, includes contributions from 180 botanists working in 20 countries over the last 13 years. For the first time, information about the 1,674 species of lichens and 26,126 plant species that have so far been documented in the country are compiled in one on-line resource.  Colombia is one of the countries with the greatest botanical diversity on the planet and this inventory is fundamental to the management and conservation of Colombia’s rich natural history. JRS has been proud to provide continued support to help fund the catalogue, its expansion and specimen geo-referencing as well as the integration of the Dictionary of Common Names. Read more about the project on its 2011 grant page and 2013 grant page.