A lemur peers out of the final home page design of the development website - a reminder of our mission and our partners.

JRS’ website goes live on December 5th.

Today, the JRS Biodiversity Foundation posts our new website which will be publicaly announced in January with announcements of our new Trustees, new grants we’ve awarded, and the 2014 Request for Proposals.  Please bear with us as we build the content over the next few months.  Thank you to the JRS Trustees, former Trustees and staff and grantees who provided guidance, ideas and content that shaped the website design.  We also appreciate the great work of the website development team at CoolBlueWeb in Seattle.

We began our website design with the simple idea to be informative and transparent to users seeking funding, to make the site focus upon the great work of JRS’ grantees, and to imitate what we liked from other foundation websites.  Nothing tells our story and explains our approach like the creative work of the organizations and the project leaders that we have the privilege to fund.  We hope that the  attention we are giving in a full page on each grant will, in small or large ways, lead to partnerships, additional financial support and the use and re-use of grant outputs to enhance knowledge and understanding of biodiversity for the benefit and sustainability of life on earth.