What countries are in scope and out of scope?

Please see the Where We Work page on JRS’ website.   We are funding technical projects this year in East Africa in Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda and in Central and Southern Africa in Botswana, Malawi, and South Africa.  We will consider technical projects in freshwater or pollinator biodiversity outside of these seven countries that:

  1. Have an exceptional potential impact on accessible biodiversity data and knowledge;
  2. Have an exceptional potential impact on the use of biodiversity data and knowledge for conservation and sustainability development; or
  3. Have an exceptional potential impact on the development of methods, tools, platforms, or software that can be transferred and applied to other contexts.

We encourage applicants from outside of the above seven focal countries to send a short project description for our review.

We will fund biodiversity informatics Capacity Development projects in other countries, particularly if they welcome participants from outside of the host country or that have a reach that overlaps the seven focal countries mentioned above.