Is the deadline for submitting a proposal for planning grants for multi-year projects also on 28 February 2019?

Yes. All proposals are due on February 28th.  Why so soon? We need a week for internal review, a few weeks for external review, a few weeks for Board Review, and time for proposal revisions in order to make decisions at the end of May.  Please do your best!  We understand that you may not have time for “planning for planning grants” or that technical implementation grants still need ‘start-up’ time for planning and partnership formation.  We know that proposals will not have MOUs among the partners and that plans change during proposal revision.  Even after our grant approvals, we work with applicants to refine and improve their plans.  Generally, whether a project is of interest or not is based in the “big ideas” and whether the overall connections between budgets, activities, outputs, and goals are clearly described and generate confidence in the clarity of the thinking behind the work.