Does the Foundation prefer to receive proposals from certain types of organizations or from African vs. ex-African organizations?

We fund many types of organizations. We prefer to invest directly in African institutions. If you look at our grant portfolio you will see a good number of U.S., U.K., and European grants.  We always seek significant African partnership in terms of roles and resources. Our overall foundation goal is capacity development in Africa for biodiversity informatics. By capacity development, we mean helping support African processes to enhance skills that serve their local needs.  Projects should be designed to be most successful which may favor a non-African institution leading the project. Project management, authority, and responsibility is a critical capacity to support African institutions. Many donors fund capacity development projects without ensuring that authority and responsibility devolve to the recipients of the skill-building. As a politically independent and risk-bearing funder, we can put money into low capacity organizations that others won’t.  We believe that funders who are serious about capacity development must risk investing in organizations that don’t have the capacity for success at the moment of the initial investment.