Is it possible for an organization to participate in more than one proposal and may a single organization submit multiple proposals?

Yes and Yes. We understand that organizations have different units and might apply as a lead applicant in some proposals and apply as a partner in another organization’s proposals. We encourage applications. Leaders within an organization should not debate or second guess which application is more appropriate for JRS – let us decide!  JRS funds on a project basis rather than by institutions and the proposals are judged independently.  We also approve grants as a ‘portfolio’ and we may choose grants that complement each other from different organizations or even ones that take different approaches to the same problem. All to say, it does not hurt in any way to submit multiple proposals and it would help show the strength of the institution.  We offer one caveat – it is helpful to acknowledge that there are other applications from your organization or that you and your partners are involved in multiple projects as this shows there is good communication within the institution and among partners.   Competitive proposals that don’t acknowledge each other may create a perception among reviewers that there is not communication or collaboration within the institution or partnership.  Please do not mention partner individuals or organizations without consulting them as they may also be involved in other proposals to JRS.