Wildlife Conservation Society – Madagascar (2015)

Project Planning Grant for the ‘Madagascar Lemurs Portal’

Project Details

Grantee Organization: WCS Madagascar
Grant Amount: $29,000
Contact: Alison Clausen
Contact Email: aclausen 'atsign' wcs.org
Funding Dates: 01/01/16
Project Links:

UPDATE: This planning grant resulted in a successful application to JRS for funding of the Madagascar Lemurs Portal.

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The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has been awarded a grant to facilitate planning for a Madagascar Lemurs Portal. This planning grant will be used to form partnerships with the lemur conservation community and determine what role a data portal could have in advancing conservation goals. It is vital that, if a portal is to be developed, it serves the needs of the lemur conservation community in Madagascar and worldwide. If sufficient demand for data access is evident, partners will articulate a consensus vision for a technically and scientifically robust, user‐friendly, open‐access data portal. The partnership approach of this planning grant aligns technical knowledge with experience in data mobilization to achieve the goals of submitting a project proposal to JRS and identifying co-funders to support the development of the portal.

Key Objectives and Activities

The objectives of the planning grant for the Madagascar Lemurs Portal are to bring different actors, users, and data communities together to:

  1. Develop a common vision for an open-access, multi-user “Madagascar Lemurs Portal”
  2. Develop a detailed project plan as the basis of a consolidated grant proposal for the development of the Madagascar Lemurs Portal for submission to JRS
  3. Identify additional partners and potential co-funding sources to leverage additional resources for development of the Portal.

Planned Outputs

  • Solidified participation agreements from Developing Partners
  • Identification of main user groups, end uses, and data providers.
  • Development of project plan demonstrating agreement on vision, objectives, user needs, conceptual model, technical design, and priorities for project activities.
  • Grant proposal developed for submission to JRS.

Last Updated: February 28th, 2017

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